Beer Review – Alesmith Decadence 2013

Every year to mark their anniversary Alesmith releases a special beer they call Decadence, and each year the style of the beer is different.  Recently (March 2014) I was fortunate enough to visit their brewery in north San Diego, and try the latest incarnation on tap, Decadence 2013, a German Doppelbock. Vitals Brewery: Alesmith (CA)... Continue Reading →

American Robust Porters – A blind taste test

Here at Pat’s Pints we do our best to describe, compare, and contrast beers that fall under the same style category.  In December we surveyed various holiday beers.  Much of January was spent drinking and writing about Belgian Quadrupel Ales.  In this post and its follow up we profile a historically important, but underappreciated style,... Continue Reading →

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