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Beer Review – Squashing Pumpkins by Sideswipe

Beer writers and bloggers tend to take one of two approaches when it comes to pumpkin beers.  On the one hand, google “best pumpkin beers” and you’ll see that cyberspace is replete with lists of the best and worst pumpkin … Continue reading

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The People Have Spoken – Central Ohio’s Most Popular IPA

Voting for the best IPA in Central and Southeast Ohio has ended and we have a winner, Hoof Hearted’s Musk of the Minotaur.   A total of 674 votes were cast and the top seven vote getters were as follows: … Continue reading

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Free Homebrewing Workshop Saturday at the Worthington Public Library

Have you ever thought that you’d like to try your hand at homebrewing but don’t know where to start?  You could be like me and wait for someone to give you a Mr. Beer American Light starter set for Christmas.  If … Continue reading

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Readers Poll – Vote for Central Ohio’s Best IPA

We’ve now entered stage two of the King of Ohio IPA contest, the readers poll.  In case anyone missed my earlier post describing this contest, five different beer blogs, each representing a different part of Ohio, have banded together in a bold effort … Continue reading

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Central Ohio IPA Blind Taste Test

As announced last week on this blog I’m participating in a collaboration with five other beer bloggers to identify the best Ohio-brewed IPA, and bestow the crown King of Ohio IPAs.  Each blogger is tasked with identifying three beers to represent … Continue reading

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Beer Review – Four String Imperial Stout (limited release)

This coming weekend Four String Brewing is turning three years old, and they are throwing a party to celebrate the occasion.  The 3rd anniversary party is taking place at the brewery on Saturday, October 11 from 4-10 pm.  What better way … Continue reading

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Actual Brewing – Brewing beer at the intersection of science, art and religion

It’s a gorgeous mid-September evening, the kind that makes you wish autumn was the longest season of the year.  We are on our way out to Actual Brewing where I have an appointment to meet Fred Lee, head honcho, or … Continue reading

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Five blogs unite to choose one Ohio IPA to rule them all

Perhaps no style embodies America’s contribution to the beer world better than an IPA.  Using hops bred and developed in the Pacific Northwest, American brewers took the venerable English style and supercharged it for the 21st century.  With aromas and … Continue reading

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