Beer Review – Gravity Wave by Land Grant

Regardless of what you call them—the descriptive but somewhat oxymoronic Black India Pale Ale or the more fanciful Cascadian Dark Ale—Black IPAs have emerged as a style to be reckoned with over the past several years.  When done right they capture the best elements of the IPA and Porter genres. Among Central Ohio breweries, Land... Continue Reading →

Land Grant Releases a Trio of New Beers

Now that Halloween is behind us there is nothing to stem the tide of Christmas beers and holiday ales that threaten to overwhelm your palate with flavors of cinnamon, allspice and fermented honey.  Where can the spice-averse beer lover turn to fight off the blues that settle in as the sun retreats into the southern... Continue Reading →

Night of the Black IPAs

We’re back with another round of blind taste testing.  This time we’re tackling a relatively new but increasingly popular style of beer, the Black IPA.  As was the case with our American Robust Porter blind tasting, my friend Mark Richards organized and hosted this event in his basement on a snowy Saturday in mid-March.  Over... Continue Reading →

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