These posts are devoted to breweries, bars and other beer spots in Ohio, which happens to be a pretty great place to be a beer lover.  To see the full story click on the name.

Little Fish Brewing – Bringing a Slice of the Ardennes to Appalachia  An in-depth profile of the founders and beers of this Athens brewery and their approach to brewing farmhouse ales.

King of Ohio Session Beers  In the most ambitious blind taste test yet a panel of 14 judges evaluates 60 beers to find the best session beer brewed in the Buckeye state.

The Reinvention of North High Brewing  An in-depth look at how one local brewery went from one of a neighborhood brewery built around the brew on premises model to a major player in the Buckeye state.

Creating the Essential Central Ohio Six Pack  My pick six of Central/Southeast Ohio packaged beers that everyone should try.

Columbus Craft Beer Week 2016 Preview  Just what it sounds like, my take on the most interesting events during the 2nd annual CCBW.

American IPAs Part 1 – Not Your Father’s IPA  In this post I take a look at how the American take on IPAs has evolved from its British counterpart to the modern day version.

American IPAs Part 2 – (Hop) Timing is Everything  Local brewers share their thoughts on how using hops at different stages of the brewing process affects the flavors and aromas they impart.

American IPAs Part 3 – Five Hops that Shaped Your IPA  A look at how the breeding and development of different hop varieties has driven changes in the IPA style, chock full of brewer’s thoughts on what makes these hops special.

Birthday Brewery Crawl Postmortem  I celebrated my 50th birthday with a downtown brewery crawl with stops at Wolf’s Ridge, Elevator, Hoof Hearted, Seventh Son, North High, and Barley’s.  Here’s a recap of the debauchery.

Seventh Son’s Foray into the Fruity Funky World of All Brett Beers  Until recently Brettanomyces was used exclusively as a secondary fermentation yeast.  Here we take a closer look at two Seventh Son beers fermented exclusively with Brett.

Actual Brewing Enters the IPA Fray  After more than two years into their existence Actual releases their take on America’s most popular beer style, Magnon IPA.

Suburban Flight – A closer look at Ill Mannered Brewing  In this post I profile of one of Central Ohio’s youngest breweries, Ill Mannered Brewing in Powell.

Central Ohio Beers of the Year (2015 Edition)  In this post I offer up my own personal thoughts on the top ten Central Ohio beers of 2015.

An Update on Columbus Brewery Expansions  A November 2015 update on the expansion plans of Four String, Hoof Hearted, CBC, Barley’s and Zaftig.

Hoof Mania Grips Central Ohio  Hundreds of hopheads converty on the fields of Morrow County for the Hoof Hearted Dragonsaddle Triple IPA can release party.

Talking Ales with Angelo Part 1 – A look back  In this post I sit down with Barley’s long time brewmaster, Angelo Signorino, for a look back at the development of Barley’s and what it was like to be a Columbus craft brewer last century.

Talking Ales with Angelo Part 2 – The evolution of Barley’s Brewing  In this post I pick out some of my favorite 21st century beers from Barley’s and get an update from Angelo on the status of their expansion plans.

Talking Ales with Angelo Part 3 – Other voices  In the final post of this three part series other brewers share stories of how Angelo eased their way into the world of craft beer.

Infiltrating the Hoof Hearted Taproom  A risky but rewarding undercover operation to report back on the newly opened Hoof Hearted Taproom in the wilds of Central Ohio (a cornfield near Marengo)

Land Grant Brewing – Good things come to those who wait  An in-depth look at the long journey from idea to realization of Central Ohio’s newest production brewery, Land Grant Brewing in Franklinton.  Along the way we take a closer look at the taproom and beers of Land Grant.

Central Ohio Brewers Talk Hops

No component in beer is changing faster than hops.  Hop breeders are continually pushing the envelope to develop new strains creating a frenzy for the newest, sexiest hops. Creating an environment that can leave small brewers scrambling to secure their favorite varieties. In this series of posts I interview local brewers and a horticulturist from OSU on a variety of issues surrounding the humulus lupulus plant,

Zauber Brewing – Bringing German beer in the 21st century  An in-depth look at Columbus’ own Zauber Brewing, where traditional German and Belgian beer styles meet American hops and craft beer sensibilities.

Staas Brewing – A passion for old world beer  A hidden gem located in Delaware, Ohio owners/brewers Liz and Donald Staas are putting out some seriously good Belgian and English style beers.  When a brewery’s flagship beer is a Belgian Quad you know they are not messing around.

Central Ohio Beers of the Year (2014 Edition)  In this post I offer up my own personal thoughts on the top ten beers of 2014 in Central Ohio. Largely skewing toward beers that first appeared in 2014 or late 2013, see which beers I felt stood out from the crowd.

King of Ohio IPAs  A rag tag collection of six Ohio beer bloggers picks the best from of a bevy of hop-forward Ohio brewed IPAs.  The result is the first victory for a fledging central Ohio brewery that has gone onto big things from here.

Stepping out from the shadows – The beers of Wolf’s Ridge  One plus year into its existence Wolf’s Ridge is known more for their food than their beer. In this post I sit down with co-owner Alan Szuter and head brewer Chris Davison to talk beer.  Highlights include a rauchbier, a cream ale and their line of abbey ales.

Tasting notes from Jackie O’s beer tasting at Studio 35  Head brewer Brad Clark made the journey over from Athens to Clintonville’s Studio 35 to host a beer tasting of 10 Jackie O’s beers.  Learn some new things about Jackie O’s favorites like Hop Ryot and Mystic Mama, and get the scoop on some tasty small batch offerings.

Pat’s Pints and Wolf Ridge Brewing turn one year old  This post takes a look back at the highlights from the first year of Pat’s Pints and recaps my bicycle tour of four downtown breweries, including a visit to the Wolf’s Ridge Taproom preview.

Actual Brewing Company – Brewing beer at the intersection of science, art and religion  In this post I profile Actual Brewing and its colorful owner Fred Lee.  In a short period of time this Columbus brewery has created some memorable beers and has even bigger plans for the future.

Into the Woods – A review of Zaftig’s Too Cans Aging Experiment  Zaftig Brewing took their barleywine-like Too Cans IPA and aged it over five different varieties of wood.  In this post I review the decadent but delicious products of this experiment.

A Visit to JAFB Wooster Brewing  I happened by this brewery in Wooster somewhat by chance, but walked away impressed by the high quality of the beer.  If you are making the trip up to Cleveland or Akron, this place is definitely worth a detour to check out.

My Columbus Brew Adventure  In this post I describe my experience on an organized tour of four Columbus breweries run by Jim Ellison and Columbus Brew Adventures.

Brewery Tour vs. Brewery Crawl  In this post I compare and contrast the organized tour run by Columbus Brew Adventures with a spontaneous brewery crawl that broke out two days earlier.  Both excursions hit four Columbus breweries but the two experiences were quite different.

A Review of Sideswipe Brewing’s Tap Room  Sideswipe brewing’s tap room is now open on Thursdays from 5-9 pm.  Here is a review of the grand opening of the taproom.

Zaftig Brewing – Small Barrels, Big Beers  Zaftig is the newest and smallest brewery in Columbus (as of April 2014).  Located in the shadow of the Budweiser plant in Worthington, they specialize in big, bold beers. In this post I review their tasting room and 4 of the 5 beers they brew.

Positively 4th Street Part 1 – A review of Wolf’s Ridge Brewing  Another newcomer to the Columbus brewery scene, Wolf’s Ridge makes a number of tasty beers, most of which are moderate abv, and some of which are relatively unusual styles. The brewery also serves as one of the best restaurants in Columbus.

Studio 35 Beer Tasting  Studio 35 is without a doubt the best movie theatre/drafthouse that I’ve ever been to. They hold beer tasting events on a regular basis.  This is a review of the Diehard Beer Tasting event that I attended in November of 2013 .  Ten beers from a variety of breweries were featured, most of them pretty rare.  A fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.