Looking for something more portable than a blog post?  Join Mark Richards and Pat Woodward as they tackle topics from the world of craft beer, often with expert guests who provide an insiders perspective on the art of brewing. While beer is the focal point, our discussions and interviews include forays into the worlds of music, travel, science and history. 

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Episode 27 – Fruit Lambics: World traveler and sour beer lover Dan Reeve returns to the show for a follow up to Episode 18. In this episode we focus on Lambic beers beyond gueuze, with a focus on beers conditioned on fresh fruit, like kriek (cherry) and framboise (raspberry). (May 2021)

Episode 26 – Craft Malting: We journey out to Marysville, Ohio to talk craft malting with Matt Cunningham of Rustic Brew Farms. We talk about the challenges of starting a malting operation on the family farm; the various steps in the malting process; European vs North American barley varieties, and much more. (March 2021)

Episode 25 – Westvleteren or Bust … in Search of the Ultimate Quad: Recurring guest and Belgian beer lover Hans Gorsuch returns as we scour Belgium (and a bit of the Netherlands) for the quintessential Trappist Quadruple Ale (or Belgian Dark Strong if you prefer). Stops include La Trappe, Rochefort, Chimay, St. Bernardus, and Westvleteren. (February 2021)

Episode 24 – Glassware Gameshow: We are joined by Land Grant brewer Justin Reik and Canadian connoisseur Chris Mercerhill for an informative, irreverent journey through the land of beer glassware. Sit back for an extended romp through the world of glassware, with frequent tangents into the realms of music, science and travel. (January 2021)

Episode 23 – Winter Warmers and Festive Holiday Ales: We look at the evolution of the Winter Warmers and other winter offerings stretching from the dark ages to the modern day. We are joined by long time Barley’s brewmaster Angelo Signorino, who shares the history of the much beloved Barley’s Christmas Ale and surprises us with a delicious double oatmeal stout aged in maple bourbon barrels. (December 2020)

Episode 22 – Saisons: Hans Gorsuch returns for an in-depth look at saisons. We drink and discuss the modern day classic, Saison Dupont, and explore Ohio brewed variations from Rockmill, Branch and Bone and Jackie O’s, some of which hint back to older riffs of the Wallonian farmhouse ale.

Episode 21 – Octoberfest Metalfest: Homebrewer Jamie Gentry and Wolf’s Ridge brewmaster Chris Davison drop in for a fantasy Oktoberfest where we discuss the potent combination of Bavarian lager (Oktoberfest, Marzen and Rauchbier) and German heavy metal music. (October 2020

Episode 20 – History of the IPA with Nick Smith (Part 2): We continue our ramblings on the evolution of the IPA with Nick Smith. The story picks up in northern California where the style is reborn from the ashes of the 1970s and we follow it through the modern day where it has become craft beer’s dominant style. (August 2020)

Episode 19 – History of the IPA with Nick Smith (Part 1): The podcast goes international for the first time as Nick Smith, founder and brewmaster of Steam Machine Brewing in County Durham joins us. In the first of a two part episode we explore the history of the India Pale Ale from a British perspective. Starting from it’s origins as a refined refreshment for the British Raj up through its long, slow decline in the 20th century. (August 2020)

Episode 18 – Going for the Gueuze with Dan Reeve: In this episode we are joined by Columbus sour beer aficionado Dan Reeve for a virtual voyage to Pajotenland. Join us as we take an in depth look at a style that many feel represents the pinnacle of brewing art, blended lambic gueuze. (June 2020)

Episode 17 – American Sours and Wild Ales with Sean White (Part 2): In part 2 of our exploration of American sours, Sean White shares his candid thoughts and experiences with spontaneous fermentation, the importance of aged hops in lambic-inspired beers, local ingredients and shares some tips for brewing sour beers at home. (May 2020)

Episode 16 – American Sours and Wild Ales with Sean White Part 1: We welcome Sean White from Little Fish Brewing back to the podcast to discuss American sour beers and wild ales. In this first of a two part episode Sean discusses capturing yeasts from the wild, Brett beers and mixed fermentation saisons, oud bruins, Flemish reds, and what might be an entirely new style, farmhouse malt liquors. (May 2020)

Episode 15 – Talking Pandemic Beer Blues with Dan Eaton: About two weeks into the Corona virus lock down Dan Eaton, who covers the beer and restaurant industry for Columbus Business First, joins us (virtually) to survey the Central Ohio brewing landscape in the time of pandemic. (April 2020)

Episode 14 – Czech Pilsners and Prague: Hans, Mark and Pat take a journey to the original source of all pale lagers. In this travel inspired episode we encounter glasses of foam, tankovna pubs and seek out beer in the Czech capital. (August 2019)

Episode 13 – Oh Canada: Chris and Hans are back to share and discuss beers Chris’ mom muled down to Ohio from north of the border in this Bob and Doug Mackenzie approved episode. (June 2019)

Episode 12 – Orval: Hans Gorsuch and Chris Mercerhill join us to drink, discuss, celebrate one of the world’s singular beers, the Trappist masterpiece that is Orval. We also break open some Brett beers brewed on this side of the Atlantic from Logsdon Ales, Crooked Stave, Anchorage Brewing and one of Pat’s homebrews. (April 2019)

Episode 11 – Ill Mannered: Tom Ayers from Ill Mannered Brewing in Powell joins us to talk about the challenges and rewards of running a neighborhood brewery.  Our discussion touches on Australian Sparkling Ales, turning people onto Belgian styles, kviek yeast, and using Ohio-grown ingredients.  (March 2019)

Episode 10 – Baltic Porters: Set sail for the world of Baltic Porters when longtime homebrewer A.J. Zanyk visits the Pat’s Pints studio. (January 2019)

Episode 9 – Angels and Demons: Hans joins us again as we hop across the English channel to drink Belgian Tripels and Golden Strongs.  Join us for tales of Belgian ales, including the iconic duo of Westmalle Tripel and Duvel. (July 2018)

Episode 8 – The New Wave of British Heavy Metal Ales: In this episode we are joined by our friend Hans Gorsuch to drink some British Beers that Pat muled back from England, including beers inspired by Iron Maiden and Motorhead. (March 2018)

Episode 7 – Farmhouse Brewing: We make a road trip down to Athens to talk farmhouse ales, saisons, and sour beers with Sean White and Jimmy Stockwell from Little Fish Brewing. (Oct 2016)

Episode 6 – Off Flavor Tasting and Kettle Sours: Talking kettle sours, off flavor tasting, and neighborhood breweries with Mike Byrne from Lineage Brewing. (Sept 2016)

Episode 5 – Commonhouse Ales: Lenny Kolada and Sam Hickey visit the studio to talk about the marriage of the old (Smokehouse) and the new (Commonhouse) and the upcoming Mini-Real Ale Festival.  (May 2016)

Episode 4 – Hoof Hearted: Talking all things Hoof Hearted and counting down our favorite Van Halen songs with Trevor Williams from Hoof Hearted Brewing. (March 2016)

Episode 3 – High Gravity Beers: In this episode we talk high gravity beers with Jim Gokenbach and Jennie Koeper of Zaftig Brewing and Doug Oldham of the Columbus Craft Beer Alliance. (February 2016)

Episode 2 – Branding: In this episode we sit down with Walt Keys from Land Grant Brewing to talk about branding and drink some Imperial Stouts. (January 2016)

Episode 1 – Talking Sour Beers with Fred Lee and Jonathan Carroll from Actual Brewing. (December 2015)