Beer 101 – Learn More About Beer

This section of the site has some basic information on beers.  Some of it appropriate for neophytes to the beer world, and as the posts build up hopefully some things that afficianados will find interesting.  A summary of posts that fall under this category is given below.  Click on the title to be directed to the full post.

An Introduction to Quadrupel Ales – This post examines the quadrupel ale or quad style that originated in the Trappist Breweries of the Low Countries.  Follow up posts look at 15 different quads.

Sour Beers Part I, The Science and Art of Brewing Sours – This is the first of two posts about an old style of beer that is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, sour beers.

Freshness labeling and beer – This post contains a link toan extensive list of freshness labels used by thousands of breweries.  Check it out and avoid buying stale beer.

Wheat Beers Explained – This is the first in a series of posts about families of beer.  It contains some insight into origins and brewing science behind the beer, brief descriptions and examples of the various types of wheat beers.

A Few Beer Basics – Ever wonder what’s the difference between a lager and an ale?  Which beer is stronger, Guinness or Budweiser?  What’s the Reinheitsgebot?  Answers to these questions and more can be found here.

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