Pick 6

This part of the site is a forum for people to share a list of their their six top beers in any category. Although some of the lists are written by me the idea is for readers to share their opinions.  The list could be your favorite all beers of all time, your favorite Norwegian beers, your favorite porters, or anything else you can dream up.  I encourage you to send me your lists at woodward.55@osu.edu.

For each list click on the title to be directed to the full post.

My Favorite Beers in the Whole Wide World (Guest Post by Michelle Dolgos) – Another old friend and fellow beer lover Michelle Dolgos picks her favorite six beers of all time.  Michelle’s list spans two continents and an abv range from 3.8 to 10.4%.  A Oregon transplant half of the beers on Michelle’s list hail from the Beaver state.

My Favorite Beers of 2013 (Guest Post by Mike Lufaso) – My longtime friend Mike Lufaso is the first to send me his pick 6 list.  Mike has chosen his favorite beers of 2013.  He starts and ends with a Belgian beer, detouring to Hawaii, Colorado and Mississippi in between.

The Top New (to me) Beers of 2013 (by Pat Woodward) – This is a list of the best beers I tried for the first time in 2013.

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