Hitting the Trappist Ale Trail Part 2 – Into Wallonia

Belgium is formally divided into three regions, Dutch speaking Flanders in the north, French speaking Wallonia in the south, and bilingual Brussels lying roughly in the middle.  Setting the capital territory aside, the other two regions are separated by more than just language.  Each has its own parliament, political parties, religious preferences, and of course... Continue Reading →

Beer Review – Orval

Orval is one of the Trappist Breweries, a brewery owned and operated by monks.  Located in Belgium like most of the Trappist Breweries, Orval means valley of gold.  The current brewery was built in 1931, and they brew only one beer.  The recipe is said to date back to 1100 AD.  Orval has more hop presence that many of the Trappist... Continue Reading →

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