Pat’s Pints Podcast Episode 12 – Orval

These days mixed fermentation beers are all the rage, but the monks at Orval have been making a mixed fermentation Brett saison for 80+ years.  In this episode Hans Gorsuch and Chris Mercerhill join Mark and I for an in-depth look at one of the world’s truly iconic beers.  Throw in some thoughts on home brewing Brett beers and our take on three American interpretations of the style and you’ve got a Brettastic celebration of Orval Day.

Orval Podcast Photo Square

Beers Reviewed

  • Orval (3 months old)
  • Orval (5 years old)
  • Sail’s of Charon (Pat’s Homebrew)
  • Seizoen Bretta by Logsdon
  • Colorado Sage by Crooked Stave
  • The Tide and it’s Takers by Anchorage Brewing

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