American Robust Porters – A blind taste test

Here at Pat’s Pints we do our best to describe, compare, and contrast beers that fall under the same style category.  In December we surveyed various holiday beers.  Much of January was spent drinking and writing about Belgian Quadrupel Ales.  In this post and its follow up we profile a historically important, but underappreciated style,... Continue Reading →

Ohio vs. Michigan Battle of the Beers

When late November arrives in Central Ohio one subject dominates the news, and takes center stage in the thoughts and minds of many residents.  I’m not referring to Thanksgiving or the ridiculous shopping spectacle that used to occur the day after Thanksgiving, but now lasts longer than Bill Belichick’s tenure as head coach of the... Continue Reading →

Beer Review – Founders Porter

Tonight I’m reviewing two highly regarded midwest Porters.  I just posted a review on Edmund Fitzgerald Porter by Great Lakes Brewing, a beer I consider to be the standard against which all Porters should be measured.  In this post I review Founders Porter and compare it to Edmund Fitzgerald.  Since both Porters are tasty, easy... Continue Reading →

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