Random advice on all things beer

Should I be putting a chunk of citrus fruit in my beer (Not advisable for German Hefeweizens, maybe OK for American Wheat beers, can’t do anyting but help a Corona)

What is the difference between a Porter and a Stout?  (Tell me if you figure that one out)

Which beers give the worst hangovers?  (The ones that have the highest alcohol content)

What is the best food to pair with a Dunkelweizen? (A half-dozen Dunkin Doughnuts of course).

Where and when were Cascade Hops first developed?  (Oregon State University in 1971)

I love Orval but I can’t afford it.  What is a good domestic substitute?  (Try Rare Vos by Ommegang, Matilda by Goose Island, or Rayon Vert by Green Flash)

3 thoughts on “Random advice on all things beer

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  1. I say toss half a banana into your hefe to overkill the hints of banana. No, seriously, that sounds awful. At one point I believe I have seen someone put a lime in every mexican beer I am aware of.
    Stout vs porter. There is no answer to this question. You could drink all of each style and still not be able to explain it other than this. A stout is a stout and a porter is a porter!
    My question is this. Why is it so difficult to get the average person to quit de inking junk light beer? It can’t be taste, but could be cost?

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