IPA Blind Taste Test – And the winner is …

This is the sixth and final video in the IPA Blind Taste Test Challenge.  In this video the identities of the contestants are revealed to the judges, and the foundations of Amy’s beer universe crumble in front of the camera.  If you only watch one video in this series this is the one.

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    1. White Rajah is generally available at most places that around town that have a good beer selection, although the supply is a little uneven and it does sometimes run out. The last several times I’ve bought WR I’ve gotten it at either Weiland’s Market, Savor Market or Savor Growl.

  1. Nice taste test. Finally got time to watch all the videos! Looks like you guys had quite a good time. I’ve got to find this White Rajah if I can find it. And, yes. I was surprised that Stone was so high up on the list. Like you said in your video specifically about it, you can usually pick up the aroma from a few feet away – which is odd that you couldn’t in this case! Because that is exactly how I find Stone’s beers. Super duper hops.

    Just curious, is Deschutes Brewery from Oregon available out there? They have an interesting Wit/IPA hybrid, Chainbreaker. It’s a hard one to label.

    1. I’m doubtful that the Brew Kettle distributes out west, unfortunately. Perhaps we could do a trade. I know people do that (there is a whole forum on beer advocate on this topic) but I’ve never tried it. I’m sure there are some great beers out your way that I can’t get here.
      Deschutes does not distribute to Ohio, but I have had Chainbreaker on one occasion. As you say it’s an interesting hybrid, I enjoyed it.

  2. I found another blind IPA taste test at a different craft beer blog, Billy’s Brews. They had a different line up of beers (including some highly rated, hard to come by IPAs like Pliny the Elder and Heady Topper) with the only common one being Headhunter IPA. While their judges may have been more qualified I’m willing to bet their panel didn’t have anyone as colorful as Amy. Interestingly Headhunter IPA came in 3rd out of 9 in that contest, whereas it got edged out by Mystic Mama in round 2 of our contest. I guess it just goes to show the importance of your personal tastes. Check it out at


  3. I think they changed the recipe at some point in the last couple of years. Maybe it was because they were having difficulty getting the hops needed for the old recipe. I did find this thread discussing the various changes to Flower Power over the years. I will say FP made with the previous recipe was a showcase for floral and citrus hops.


    I haven’t got the Maine and Allagah beer yet, but I’m looking forward to trying them both. I don’t know what the plan was for the transfer. I can go get them if someone gives me a time and a place.

  4. I had the Flower Power when I was in Rochester recently and was not blown away. I didn’t take notes, but remember it being more malt-focused than I like – I prefer lower alcohol and a boat load of flavor hops. Hope you have gotten a hold of that Allagash and Maine Brewing Company I brought for you.

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