New Belgium Launch Events in Columbus

As most of the Ohio beer community already knows New Belgium beers were made available across Ohio today (12/16/13).


Fat Tire, Ranger IPA and Trippel are initially selling at $2.99 per 22 oz bomber, which is unheard of cheap for a bomber (but still about $9.80 per 6-pack).  Three beers from the Lips of Faith series are also available (btw I did try the Paardebloem this summer at the Denver airport, it’s made with dandelion greens in place of hops.  Interesting, but probably not what I would recommend as your introduction to New Belgium).

Here are some special tastings and tap takeovers sponsored by New Belgium that will be happening in the Columbus area this week.  Thanks to Tom Aguero at Queen City Drinks for sending this information my way:

Wednesday (12/18)

Bob’s Bar (6 pm), Saint James Tavern (tbd), Three Legged Mare (tbd), Pint House (tbd), Average Joe’s-Henderson (6 pm), Brazenhead Irish Pub (tbd), Tilted Kilt (tbd), World of Beer-Easton (6 pm), Woodland’s Backyard (tbd), Hendocs (tbd), Donerick’s Pub (tbd)

Thursday (12/19)

Savor Growl (6 pm), The Crest (tbd), Blacklick Wine & Spirits (6 pm), World of Beer-Brewery District (tbd),  Nyoh’s (tbd),  4th Street Patio (tbd), Dublin Village Tavern (6 pm), Red Brick Inn (tbd)

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    1. We’ve got tickets to the OSU basketball game at 7 pm tonight, and there is a Whetstone jazz band concert tomorrow, so my ability to attend one of these events is a little limited. Otherwise I’d try to meet you at Bob’s tonight. If you are going to go later (say 9 pm) I could possibly join in.

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