Readers Poll – Vote for Central Ohio’s Best IPA

We’ve now entered stage two of the King of Ohio IPA contest, the readers poll.  In case anyone missed my earlier post describing this contest, five different beer blogs, each representing a different part of Ohio, have banded together in a bold effort to identify the best Ohio-brewed IPA.   Each blogger is tasked with choosing the top three IPAs to represent their part of the state in a blind taste test being held in Columbus on Saturday November 1.


Last week I posted the results of my own blind taste test of Central Ohio IPAs. Seventh Son’s Golden Ratio IPA emerged as the winner by the closest of margins and will be one of the beers representing Central and Southeast Ohio at the finals. Now its time for you to do your civic duty and cast a ballot for the beer you think is the best IPA in Central and Southeast Ohio.  The winner of this poll will join Golden Ratio in the finals.

Because we are not including IPA substyles (Black IPAs, White IPAs, Rye IPAs, Imperial IPAs, Kiwi IPAs, etc) I’ve taken two beers that were in my taste test off the ballot (Zauber’s Belgian IPA, Four String’s Big Star White IPA).  At the same time I’ve added in two beers from the southeast part of the state that don’t get up to Columbus very often (Weasel Boy’s Dancing Ferret IPA, Marietta Brewing’s Happy Trail IPA).  Finally I’ve added a beer that probably should have been part of my taste test, Barley’s Blurry Bike IPA.

The poll will be open from Monday October 13 to Saturday October 25.  So let your voice be heard and encourage your friends to do the same.  Share this link on your favorite social media platform and get the word out.  If you have opinions about IPAs in other parts of the state head on over to one of the other polls going on and cast your vote in that contest.



10 thoughts on “Readers Poll – Vote for Central Ohio’s Best IPA

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  1. I assume the Four String Big Star White IPA doesn’t count because it’s, well, a white IPA, but I would change my vote to that if it did count.

    1. Yes that’s correct. Big Star White IPA is not on the ballot because we agreed to not include IPA substyles like white ipas and black ipas. It’s got a unique taste among central Ohio IPAs though.

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