Craft Beer Crossword Puzzle #4 – Columbus Ale Trail

Time for another Pat’s Pints crossword puzzle.  This one focuses exclusively on the Columbus Ale Trail.  So print it out and take it along for your adventures on the trail.  A key will be posted next week.


Click here for pdf file of Crossword puzzle: cbus-ale-trail-crossword

Click here for pdf file of puzzle clues: cbus-ale-trail-crossword_clues



  1. Name of a style of strong German lager, also the German word for goat.
  2. Racino that is the home of Brew Brothers
  3. Sideswipe IPA
  4. Home of Homestead Brewing.
  5. This CBC Imperial IPA took home a gold medal from 2014 GABF. Recently released in bottles.
  6. One of the core Kindred beers is the Salvage ________ .
  7. Barley’s Blood Thirst _______ , was a former winner of the Barley’s homebrew contest and now a local favorite.
  8. Delaware brewery, Restoration Brew ______ .
  9. Sahti, biere de garde, and saison and are collectively called ___________ ales.
  10. Co-owner and creative director at Land Grant Brewing Walt ______ .
  11. Lineage IPA, ____________ #6.
  12. This Actual beer is the lowest calorie, packaged craft beer in Central Ohio. Named after a massless “particle” of light.
  13. No Ohio brewer has been continuously employed as a brewer longer than this popular brewmaster at Barley’s.
  14. No stop on the Columbus Ale Trail is further ______ than Buckeye Lake.
  15. Ill Mannered IPA, __________ Right in the Kisser.
  16. Style of golden lager popular in Bavaria.
  17. Wolf’s Ridge pumpkin beer.
  18. ____ phone home (non beer related clue)
  19. Columbus area brewpub Knotty __________ .
  20. Hoof Hearted’s flagship IPA, Musk of the __________ .
  21. The only stop on the Columbus Ale Trail where you can brew your own beer.
  22. Land Grant’s __________ Party Pilsner.
  23. Adjunct grain that adds a spicy twist to a beer.
  24. Zauber’s hefeweizen.
  25. Style of dark beer made with lactose sugar, North High brewing makes a good example of this style.
  26. Zaftig’s original imperial IPA, ____ Cans.



  1. Land Grant’s Deep Search is an example of this style, a strong dark lager.
  2. Elevator beer that was the only Columbus brewed medal winner at the 2015 GABF.
  3. Wolf’s Ridge imperial stout.
  4. Hoster’s much beloved Dortmunder lager.
  5. Farmhouse brewery near Lancaster that specializes in Belgian ales.
  6. Powell’s _____ Mannered Brewing.
  7. Seventh Son’s super pale ale Humulus __________ .
  8. Bass wielding owner of Four String Brewing.
  9. Adjunct grain used to improve body and mouthfeel, also used in breakfast cereals.
  10. Small Delaware brewery specializing in Belgian and English styles.
  11. Sports themed brewery in Gahanna.
  12. North High’s summer seasonal, Grapefruit _________ .
  13. Iconic Columbus brewed double IPA whose name translates roughly as enlightenment.
  14. Seventh Son session IPA
  15. Commonhouse Ales year round flagship beer Six.One For ____ Ale. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer go to charity.
  16. Temperance Row’s British Pale Ale, whose name is a nod to bat shit crazy prohibitionist Carrie Nation.
  17. Homestead’s ________ Pilsner.
  18. This Hoof Hearted Belgian IPA is named for a famous Bill O’Rielly melt down.
  19. Zaftig’s Juicy _____
  20. The original Hoffbrauhaus is located in this German city.
  21. Columbus beer and business writer who can often be found somewhere on the Columbus Ale Trail.




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