Land Grant to launch Quadrahopic and Concentrate as Rotating Seasonals

The beer portfolio at Land Grant Brewing Company features an extensive mix of beers, ranging from the year-round core beers like Stiff Arm and Greenskeeper, to one-off collaborations like Got Fuzz or Totes Liotes.  The Franklinton brewery recently announced that two hop-forward beers—Quadrahopic and Concentrate—are being promoted from the irregularly recurring IPA series to year round offerings.  Unlike the standard core beers, the hops used in both Quadrahopic and Concentrate will change on a quarterly basis.  This strategy aims to keep promiscuous hop lovers engaged, while allowing brewers artistic freedom to explore the ever expanding universe of hop varieties.

Quadrahopic, an American IPA that features a blend of four hop varieties, will hit the market in the first week of January.  The inaugural offering will feature Simcoe, Amarillo, Chinook and Columbus hops.  At 6.7% abv and 35 IBUs expect an approachable IPA that keep bitterness in check, while maximizing aroma and flavor from late and dry hop additions.  Versions featuring different hop varieties will debut in April, July and October.  Each version will feature cans with a different color scheme so customers can easily spot the freshest product on the shelves.  Quadrahopic will be available on draft and in 6-packs that retail for $9.99.

Concentrate is a hazy IPA that ups the ante with the use of Cryo-hop powder. Cryo-hops are obtained by using liquid nitrogen to separate and concentrate the lupulin powder, where most of the good stuff (alpha acids and aromatic oils) resides, from the vegetal matter that makes up a non-negligible fraction of both whole cone and pelletized hops [1].  Concentrate debuted at the 2017 Rhinegeist Rare Beer Festival, and has only appeared on rare occasions since that time.  I had a glass at Land Grant’s 4th anniversary party this past fall, and I can attest it is juicy with a capital J.  I’m a fan of the Andy Warhol inspired packaging as well.  Creative director Walt Keys went back to his youth to find inspiration for this design:

“The name Concentrate took me back to coming home on a summer day and having Mom peel open a can of Orange Juice concentrate for instant refreshment.  That nostalgia played nicely with the Warhol-inspired can motif and, much like Quadrahopic, its seasonality gives me reign to play with the colors and the feel of each release.”

Concentrate IPA will retail for $11.99 per six-pack, and will be available in package and on draft beginning the first week in February 2019.


[1] If the same technology were applied to the 2009 Cleveland Cavaliers you can imagine separating LeBron James from Delonte West, Wally Szcerbiak and Sasha Pavlovich.  Apparently the NBA version of cryo-hopping is called free agency.

3 thoughts on “Land Grant to launch Quadrahopic and Concentrate as Rotating Seasonals

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    1. Feel free to appropriate phrases as you will, I’m no match for you when it comes to a clever turn of a phrase, especially the puns.

      Happy Winter Solstice, Glasgow is a place where the sun almost retreats almost entirely at this time of year. I good occasion for some lovely cask ales if there ever was one.

      By the way I recently brewed a beer inspired by the pint of Oakam’s Green Devil you introduced me to when visiting you last spring. It features British malts (mostly Golden Promise), British yeast, and Citra hops. I call it the Green Manalishi.

      1. You understate your own impressive linguistic skills (and wisely eschew puns). Your brew sounds interesting- Green Devil is a classic so hope you got a decent approximation. Happy quaffing!

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