Ill Mannered Celebrates 4 year Anniversary on Saturday

When I first visited Ill Mannered Brewing back in January 2016 the hours were limited because all four owners were still working day jobs, and the taproom seating capacity was slightly smaller than the waiting room at my dentist’s office.  Despite its diminutive footprint, I was won over by the tasty beer, warm hospitality, and passion of the owners.  While they are still located in an otherwise unremarkable strip mall parking lot northeast of downtown Powell, they’ve since moved into a much more spacious, custom built facility, added 30 additional barrels of fermentation capacity, and hired employees.  This coming Saturday (August 24th) Tom, Greg, Brian, Ryan and everyone at IMBC are throwing a party from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm to celebrate four years in business.

Ill Mannered New Taproom
The current Ill Mannered tap room.

The following beers will released progressively throughout the day:

1. Hazy Ohio New England Style Pale Ale
2. Passionfruit Infused Hazy Ohio New England Style Pale Ale
3. Blood Orange infused Pandora’s Juice Box New England Super Pale Ale
4. Subterfuge Imperial Stout (2019 Vintage)
5. Subterfuge Imperial Stout (2018 Vintage)
6. Barrel Aged Subterfuge Imperial Stout (2017 Vintage)
7. Old Man Groan Barrel Aged Strong Ale (Oldmanski Old Ale/Audible Groan Barleywine Blend)

The inclusion of several barrel aged beers speaks to the use of the original taproom space for barrel aging and special events.  Those yearning for a nostalgic trip back to the intimacy of the old days will be in for a treat on Saturday, because the Ill Mannered Barrel House will be open to the public.

For those of you looking for something a bit more sessionable, the following Ill Mannered favorites will also be on tap:

1. Bitter Ex Double IPA
2. Pandora’s Juice Box New England Super Pale Ale
3. Ill Manna Slamma Blonde Ale
4. Ill Manna Shanda Lemonade Shandy
5. Cup Check Helles Lager
6. Zack Morris 90’s Style IPA
7. Big Donkey Porter

My pro-tip is to start with a pint of Cup Check Helles Lager (it’s excellent) and see where it takes you.

In addition to new beer releases, the brewery will be featuring Seven Little Sliders Food Truck and Sticky Finger Ice Cream Cart along with a Limited Edition 4 Year Anniversary T-Shirt.

ill mannered taproom
The Ill Mannered tap room, circa 2016.

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