Finding your favorite craft beer

Are you having trouble advancing your palate beyond PBR, Molson or Keystone Light?  Is your significant other always pressuring you to drink beer when you’d rather have wine?  Are you trying to impress your friends and co-workers by developing a working knowledge of craft beer?  If you are having difficulty finding craft beers that you like, here is the cliff notes guide to finding a beer you like.

If you like American Lagers like Budweiser, try a German Lager like Dortmunder Gold by Great Lakes, Scrimshaw Pilsner by North Coast, or Amber Ale by Bell’s.

If you like Irish stouts like Guinness, try an Oatmeal stout like Shakespeare Stout by Rogue or Kalamazoo Stout by Bells

If you like Bass Ale, try an English Pale Ale like London Pride by Fullers

If you like Newcastle Brown Ale, try a Brown Ale like Turbodog by Abita

If you like a tart, dry apple cider, try a Berliner Weiss like Hottenroth by the Bruery

If you like wheat, oranges and coriander, try a Witbier like Allagash White or Hoegarden

If you like dark chocolate, try a Milk Stout like Moloko Stout by Three Floyds or Milk Stout by Left Hand Brewing

If you like the taste of bananas and cloves in a light, highly carbonated beer, try a German Hefeweizen like Dancing Man Wheat by New Glaurus or Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen

If you like banana bread and toffee, try a Dunkelweizen like Ayinger Ur-Weiss

If you like crackers coated in black pepper, try a Pilsner like Prima Pils by Victory, Sunshine Pils by Troegs, or Heater-Allen Pils

If you like tropical fruits and grapefruit juice paired with a bitter finish, try an American IPA like White Rajah by the Brew Kettle or Flower Power by Ithaca

If you like tropical fruits and grapefruit juice paired with super bitter finish, try an Imperial IPA like Ruination IPA by Stone or Bodhi by Columbus Brewing Company

If you like pine resin, try an American IPA like Perpetual IPA by Troegs or Hoptimum by Sierra Nevada

If you like port wine, try an Old Ale like 3rd Coast Old Ale by Bells or Adam by Hair of the Dog

If you like plums, raisins, brown sugar and spices, try a Belgian Quadruple like Rochefort 10 or St. Bernardus Christmas Ale

If you like pumpkin pie, try a pumpkin ale like Pumking by Southern Tier

If you like coffee and chocolate but not too much alcohol, try an American Porter like Edmund Fitzgerald Porter by Great Lakes, Founders Porter, or Black Butte Porter by Deschutes

If you like a bitter chocolate, expresso and alcohol, try an Imperial Stout like Breakfast Stout by Founders

If you like a bitter chocolate, expresso and vanilla, try an Imperial Porter like Victory at Sea by Ballast Point

If you like a bitter chocolate, expresso, vanilla and bourbon, try a Barrel Aged Imperial Stout like Kentucky Breakfast Stout by Founders

If you like caramel and bourbon, try a barrel aged scotch ale like Backwoods Bastard by Founders, or Wulver by Thirsty Dog

If you like Boilermaker with a shot of grapefruit juice, try a barrel aged IPA like Burton Baton by Dogfish Head

If you like champagne mixed with fruit, try a Fruit Lambic like Framboise by Lindemans

If you like a dark, malty beer with dark fruit overtones brewed to take the place of bread for monks fasting during lent, try a Doppelbock like Celebrator Doppelbock by Ayinger

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