Craft Beer Crossword Puzzle #1

Craft beer doesn't have to be all serious.  If you are ready from a break from mouthfeel descriptors and hop varieties here is some craft beer fun and games.  This is the first in a series of crossword puzzles (almost) all about craft beer.  The puzzle and clues are shown below, but for convenience you may... Continue Reading →

San Diego Craft Beer Crossword Puzzle

This is the third installment in my ongoing series of craft beer crossword puzzles.  The first was a general craft beer crossword puzzle.  The second focused on the craft beer scene in Ohio.  This latest puzzle takes most of its clues from San Diego county. So if you think you know the ins and outs of beer... Continue Reading →

Ohio vs. Michigan Battle of the Beers

When late November arrives in Central Ohio one subject dominates the news, and takes center stage in the thoughts and minds of many residents.  I’m not referring to Thanksgiving or the ridiculous shopping spectacle that used to occur the day after Thanksgiving, but now lasts longer than Bill Belichick’s tenure as head coach of the... Continue Reading →

Finding your favorite craft beer

Are you having trouble advancing your palate beyond PBR, Molson or Keystone Light?  Is your significant other always pressuring you to drink beer when you’d rather have wine?  Are you trying to impress your friends and co-workers by developing a working knowledge of craft beer?  If you are having difficulty finding craft beers that you... Continue Reading →

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