Wolf’s Ridge Taproom to open Friday, Jan 23!

As many people know the folks at Wolf’s Ridge (215 N. 4th Street) have been working on a taproom for just about as long as it takes Founders to make a batch of KBS. Lest you think I’m exaggerating check out this story by Columbus Underground from last February announcing the taproom and it’s expected opening in June (of 2014).  They say good things come to those who wait and this is no exception. The Wolf’s Ridge taproom grand opening will take place this coming Friday, January 23!

The taproom preview at Wolf's Ridge.
The taproom preview at Wolf’s Ridge.

As discussed in detail in my earlier post on the beers of Wolf’s Ridge, opening of the taproom is phase two in their plan for world domination. Twenty different Wolf’s Ridge beers will be pouring and the atmosphere promises to be more casual (and seats more plentiful) than the upscale restaurant that adjoins the taproom.  They will also be serving snacks from their critically acclaimed kitchen, and if you’ve eaten at Wolf’s Ridge you know that this is a significant upgrade from the food truck fare on offer at many brewery taprooms.  Not that I have any objections to dinner from a good food truck, but the food is an important part of the appeal of Wolf’s Ridge.

The taproom opens at 3 pm on Friday, noon on Saturday, and once again noon on Sunday. Head Brewer Chris Davison has brewed up a special beer called Taproom X to celebrate the occasion. Details surrounding this beer are shrouded in mystery, so I guess you’ll have to make the trip down to the corner of 4th and Spring Streets to find out. It would be fitting if they had started barrel aging a beer when they first broke ground on the taproom, but who knows if they had the foresight to do that.

Beer bloggers are prone to exaggeration and I’m no exception, but I think the Wolf’s Ridge taproom is destined to become a popular stop on the local beer circuit. Don’t miss your chance to be there at its birth.


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