Pat’s Pints Podcast Episode 8 – New Wave of British Heavy Metal Ales

After more than a year in hibernation the Pat’s Pints Podcast returns with an episode devoted to British Ales with a focus on beers with heavy metal themes, including Camerons Motorhead-inspired Road Crew and Robinsons Iron Maiden themed beers. Mark and I are joined by longtime friend Hans Gorsuch for an extended discussion of bitters, cask ales, and responsible use of umlauts.  In addition to guitar laden pale ales we sample a historic recreation of the English IPA by Durham Brewing and a decadent Imperial Stout by Steam Machine Brewing Co.

March 2018 Hans (new guy)B&W

Beers Reviewed

March 2018 PPP Beers Color

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7 thoughts on “Pat’s Pints Podcast Episode 8 – New Wave of British Heavy Metal Ales

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  1. Great episode. It would have been better if I was drinking alongside, but having company on a quick road trip to michigan was not a bad alternative.
    Even better was knowing I’ve met each of you in person!

    1. Good to hear from you Jeff. Thanks for supporting the podcast despite its irregular release schedule. Hopefully we can put it out on a more regular basis in the future. When I finally get back to Columbus we’ll have to have that beer.

  2. Feels good to be back! Hans (the new guy) is a great addition to the podcast crew. Sorry for the long hiatus

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