Pat’s Pints Podcast Episode 22 – Saisons

In this episode Mark and I are joined by by homebrewer and Pat’s Pints Podcast veteran Hans Gorsuch for an in-depth discussion of an underappreciated gem of the beer world, saisons. We sit outside on a warm summer evening and enjoy a range of saisons while the cicadas serenade us as the evening turns to night. We discuss the history of the style going back to its farmhouse roots, and dissect one of the world’s truly iconic beers, Saison Dupont. We explore variations on the style that go beyond Dupont, including Brett saisons and mixed fermentation ales. Along the way we highlight excellent saisons from Ohio breweries including Branch and Bone, Rockmill, and Jackie O’s. We finish with one of Hans’ homebrewed saisons and offer up some helpful tips for homebrewing saisons.

Don’t forget you can find this episode and earlier ones on our podcast page, as well as Apple Music, Podbean or Spotify. Just search for the Pat’s Pints Podcast, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or a rating.

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Beers Featured

  • Rockmill Petite Saison
  • Saison Dupont Cuvee Dry Hopping Styrian Wolf
  • Branch and Bone Silence Mill
  • Jackie O’s Pockets of Sunlight
  • Under the Oaks (Hans’ homebrew)

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