All Things Beer Episode 37 – Ohio and the 2022 World Beer Cup

Held every two years in conjunction with the Craft Brewers Conference, the World Beer Cup is arguably the most prestigious and competitive beer competition on the planet. In 2022, breweries from the Buckeye state took home a total of 14 medals, up four from their medal count in 2018.  In this episode we drink and discuss the medal winners from Central Ohio: Daybreak by Wolf’s Ridge Brewing (Silver Medal in the Coffee Beer category), Woden’s Hunt Dunkel by Gemüt Biergarten (Bronze medal in the European Dark Lager category), Crocodile Tongue (Gold medal in the Mixed Culture Brett Beer category) and Lager (Bronze medal in the Contemporary American-style Lager category) both by Columbus Brewing Company. Along the way we talk about WBC trends, Mark shares some experiences from attending previous World Beer Cups, and we recap the other Ohio medal winning beers.

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Ohio and the World Beer Cup
Gemut’s Woden’s Hunt Dunkel – bronze medalist in the European dark lager category

Beers Featured

  • Lager (Columbus Brewing Company)
  • Daybreak (Wolf’s Ridge)
  • Woden’s Hunt Dunkel (Gemut Biergarten)
  • Crocodile Tongue (Columbus Brewing Company)

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CBC Lager – bronze medalist in the contemporary American-style lager category
Wolf Ridge Brewing’s Daybreak – silver medalist in the coffee beer category

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  1. Mark. As you know, I poured beer at Comfest. Interestingly, Miller Light outsold PBR by at least 5:1.

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