Ohio Craft Beer Crossword Puzzle

Think you know your Ohio beers?  If so have a go at my Ohio Craft Beer Crossword Puzzle.  The puzzle and clues are shown below, but for convenience you may want to use the links in the post to download pdf files of the puzzle and the clues, then print it out at home.  Once you’re done you can download the solutions and check your answers.  Have fun.

ohio beer crossword

ohio beer crossword puzzle (pdf file)

ohio beer crossword clues (pdf file)

ohio beer crossword_solution


  1. Fatheads Hop _____ took home the gold medal in the Double IPA category at the 2014 GABF.
  2. Columbus Brewing Company’s most renowned beer.
  3. An imperial stout from Weasel Boy Brewing in Zanesville.
  4. New Columbus brewery whose name is the German word for magic.
  5. Great Lakes ________ River Pale Ale.
  6. A style of lager named after the German city where it originated.  Great Lakes brews an award winning version of this style.
  7. One of Ohio’s best IPAs, winner of the Pat’s Pints IPA Blind Taste Test challenge.
  8. Why do today what you can put off until ________ .
  9. Thirsty Dog’s barrel-aged scotch ale.
  10. A dark malt-forward beer that originated in the British Isles.  Ohio brewed versions of this style have names such as Sohio, Blackout, Dark Apparition, Canis Lycaon, and Boris the Crusher.
  11. Before a night of drinking it’s a good idea to _____ something.
  12. A Columbus brewery that also offers to opportunity to brew your own beer.
  13. A spontaneously fermented, sour beer from the Senne valley of Belgium.
  14. A Dortmunder lager brewed Thirsty Dog Brewing.
  15. A famous African empire and the largest ethnic group in South Africa.
  16. Russian River’s legendary Blind ____ IPA.
  17. Four Strings Brewing’s Backstage __________  is an easy drinking Belgian-style ale.
  18.  The French word for season and the name used to denote Belgian farmhouse ales.
  19. _______ Brown Ale by Wolfs Ridge Brewing in Columbus.


  1. The strongest style of Trappist-brewed beers.
  2. A beverage made from malted grains, hops, water, and fermented with yeast.
  3. Great Lakes Edmund  ____________   Porter.
  4. Jackie O’s IPA brewed with copious amounts of pungent hops.
  5. An aggressively dry hopped West Coast style IPA made by Fathead’s Brewery.
  6. Cincinnati brewery that brews canned beers such as PsycHOPathy and Gnarly Brown.
  7. Great Lakes Alchemy Hour which debuted in 2013 has been renamed Chill____   for its 2014 release.
  8. The flagship IPA of Cincinnati’s Rhinegeist Brewery.
  9. A German style of beer with esters reminiscent of a Hefeweizen but a darker malt profile.
  10. A rural central Ohio brewery known for its Belgian style beers.
  11. A high protein, adjunct grain sometimes used in brewing to improve head retention and mouthfeel, particularly in stouts.
  12. The most common type of base malt is made from two   ____   barley.
  13. Humulus   _______   Super Pale Ale is brewed by Columbus’ Seventh Son Brewery.
  14. Fork in the Road and Path Less Travelled are tasty hop-forward beers brewed by Cincinnati’s Blank ______  Brewing.
  15. Cleveland area brewery that utilizes open fermentation for all of its beers.
  16. Pennsylvania’s Victory and Delaware’s Dogfish Head both make a lager that ends with this word.
  17. Oatmeal imperial stout brewed by Akron’s Hoppin’ Frog.
  18. Horny  ______  is a Porter brewed by Columbus’ Elevator Brewery.

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