San Diego Craft Beer Crossword Puzzle

This is the third installment in my ongoing series of craft beer crossword puzzles.  The first was a general craft beer crossword puzzle.  The second focused on the craft beer scene in Ohio.  This latest puzzle takes most of its clues from San Diego county. So if you think you know the ins and outs of beer in this Southern California hop lovers paradise, download the puzzle and have a go. The puzzle and clues are shown below, but for convenience you may want to use the links in the post to download pdf files of the puzzle and the clues, then print it out at home.  Once you’re done you can download the solutions and check your answers. Have fun and let me know what you think.

san diego beer crossword


san diego beer crossword (PDF file)

san diego beer crossword_clues (PDF file)

san diego beer crossword_solution (PDF file)


  1. Hess Brewing’s flagship beer, a cream ale.
  2. One of San Diego’s oldest craft breweries (est. 1989), maker of Big Barrel Double IPA
  3. Ballast Point’s iconic IPA, named after a fish with poisonous spikes on its fins.
  4. A beer style that originated in the south of Belgium and historically was brewed for farmworkers.
  5. In 2010 this brewery opened as a nanobrewery in Miramar within walking distance of Alesmith, before expanding to a larger location in North Park.
  6. Modern Times’ saison.
  7. City where Stone Brewing headquarters are located.
  8. Well known San Diego county brewery that follows a nautical theme for naming its beers.
  9. Downtown San Diego brewery located on the edge of the Gaslamp district near Petco Park. Named after a historic San Diego brewery that closed due to prohibition.
  10. This strong, malt forward style of German lager means “goat” in certain German dialects.
  11. This highly regarded San Marcos brewery is known for its Belgian style ales.
  12. Alesmith’s legendary imperial stout, brewed with locally roasted coffee.
  13. Brewery and pizza restaurant with multiple locations along the San Diego county coastline.
  14. This Belgian Trappist brewery makes only one beer, a Belgian pale ale with Brettanomyces.
  15. Stone’s session IPA.
  16. Stone’s double IPA with an explicit expiration date, ______ By.
  17. The French speaking southern half of Belgium.
  18. The second word in the French translation of Green Flash. (Hint: This is also the second word in the name of their discontinued Belgian Pale Ale.)
  19. A record or CD that contains more songs than a single but not as many as a full length album.
  20. A brewery known for its hop-forward ales such as West Coast IPA, Palate Wrecker and Green Bullet.
  21. The sugar rich liquid that is fermented to make beer.
  22. Ballast Point’s double IPA.


  1. Alesmith’s barleywine.
  2. A beer style that is a step up (in abv and hop content) from an English bitter.
  3. A strain of hop named after the Greek god who is brother to Poseidon and Hades.
  4. Ballast Point’s Rauchbier/smoked lager (available on draft only)
  5. Stone’s legendary double IPA, first released in 2002.
  6. Abbreviation for a scale that denotes the concentration of alpha acids in a beer.
  7. A Miramar brewery that was named the World’s top brewery by in 2014.
  8. Newer San Diego brewery acclaimed for both hoppy beers like The Pupil IPA and Belgian-style beers like The Harlot.
  9. Brewery founded in 1996 and named after the island in San Diego harbor where it is located.
  10. A beer fermented at warmer temperatures with a top fermenting yeast strain.
  11. This San Diego brewery has a giant post-it note mural of Michael Jackson and his monkey Bubbles on a wall in the brewery taproom.
  12. A gargoyle is the mascot of this large San Diego brewery (the largest).
  13. Modern Times’ Amber Ale, made with Simcoe, Nelson and Mosaic hops.
  14. Alpine Beer Company’s original single IPA, brewed with Simcoe and Amarillo hops.
  15. Stone’s strong ale _________ Bastard.
  16. The initials of this brewery, named after a historic San Diego brewery, are ABC.  (Hint: Also the mascot of San Diego State University).
  17. This highly sought after double IPA from Alpine Beer Company takes its name from the New Zealand strain of hops that are the star ingredient.
  18. The style of beer for which San Diego breweries are best known.

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