Pat’s Pints Podcast Episode 1 – Sour Beers

In the inaugural podcast we talk sour beers with Fred Lee (Founder, President and Elder Beerman) and Jonathan Carroll (CEO, Brewer) at Actual Brewing. We preview the two new sours that Actual is releasing on December 5 (Tenacity and Leviton), get into Brett beers, talk Ohio sandstone fermenters at Actual, share Chili recipes, and divulge our lists of underrated Central Ohio beers.

A Visit to Leipzig – Home of Gose

Last November work took me to Helsinki where I spent the weekend search for the elusive Finnish farmhouse ale, Sahti.  Fast forward six months and I find myself in Europe once again in search of a beer style that not so long ago was perilously close to extinction—gose.  Despite its German heritage gose thumbs its nose... Continue Reading →

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