Pat’s Pints Podcast Episode 16 – American Sour Beers and Wild Ales with Sean White (Part 1)

In this episode we sit down (virtually) with Sean White, co-owner and head brewer at Little Fish Brewing in Athens, Ohio, for an expansive discussion of sour beers and wild ale brewing. With two World Beer Cup medals for their barrel-aged sours (a bronze for Petit Poisson in 2018 and a gold for Barrel Aged Woodthrush in 2016) Sean and the team at Little Fish are one of Ohio’s leading practitioners of this artistic form of brewing. The discussion covered so many topics we had to split it into two separate episodes. In Part 1 we discuss the meaning of terms like sour beer and wild ale, capturing yeasts from the wild, Brett beers, sabering bottles, mixed fermentation saisons, alternative grains, Little Fish’s takes on oud bruins and Flemish reds, and what might be an entirely new style, farmhouse malt liquors.  Look for Part 2 to be released in mid-May.

American Wild Ales Part 1

Beers Reviewed

  • Statement of Purpose (Little Fish collaboration with Branch and Bone)
  • Honey Bruin (Little Fish)

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