Pat’s Pints Podcast Episode 21 – Oktoberfest Metalfest

Given the unfortunate cancellation of 2020 Oktoberfest, we invited fellow beer lovers Jamie Gentry and Chris Davison of Wolf’s Ridge Brewing to join us for a celebration of the glorious German beers of fall—märzen and festbier. We go deep on the history and characteristics of these beers, and Chris shares a cornucopia of tips for brewing German lagers, before finishing with a bonus chapter on rauchbier, featuring Wolf’s Ridge’s excellent Buchenrauch.  Finally, no beer festival would be complete without appropriate music, and since this is fantasy version of Oktoberfest we’ve replaced the traditional accordion centric oompah bands with German metal masters Scorpions, Accept and Helloween. We hope you enjoy this wide ranging discussion that includes topics as diverse as decoction mashing, travel tips, social commentary and Viking metal.  If you drink your beer by the liter, and appreciate dual-guitar fuelled Teutonic rock, this is a can’t miss episode.

Don’t forget you can find this episode and earlier ones on our podcast page, in iTunes, Podbean or Spotify. Just search for the Pat’s Pints Podcast (and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or a rating).

Beers Featured

  • Ayinger Oktoberfest Märzen
  • Weihenstephaner Festbier
  • Bitburger Festbier
  • Hoffbrau Festbier
  • Wolf’s Ridge Oktoberfest
  • Wolf’s Ridge Septemberfest Wiesn
  • Wolf’s Ridge Buchenrauch

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