All Things Beer Episode 26 – Craft Malting

Matt Cunningham from Rustic Brew Farms in Marysville, Ohio joins us to talk about the malting process. A fourth generation farmer, Matt got into the malting business in 2014 as a way to diversify the crops grown on the family farm. Over the past seven years he has grown production from malting by hand, to a malthouse that features two rotating drum vessels each capable of malting 4000-5000 lbs per batch. In this insightful interview Matt walks us through the various steps of growing and malting barley. We discuss the differences in European and North American strains of barley, the effect of kilning temperature on the color of the final malt, growing and malting alternate grains (wheat, rye, corn), and the challenges of starting a small business. Along the way we drink some Ohio beers made with Rustic Brew Farms malt (North High’s Cover Crop and Grove City’s Lt. Dan Doppelbock), discuss Czech Tmaves and wax nostalgic about concerts and our shared love of Metallica.

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Episode 26 – Craft Malting with Matt Cunningham of Rustic Brew Farms

Beers Featured

  • Cover Crop – North High Brewing
  • Lt. Dan Doppelbock – Grove City Brewing
  • Dark – Burial Beer Co. & Fair State Cooperative

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Mark and Matt sharing some beers in the malthouse.
The rotating malt drums. Each has a false bottom that allows water to be drained off during steeping process and rotated during the germination process.

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