All Things Beer Episode 38 – The Great Pilsner Taste Off

Ever wonder what attributes define a perfect Pilsner beer? Do you prefer the complex malt character of a Czech Pilsner, or the hoppy bite and crisp finish of a German Pils? Maybe more recent iterations like the New Zealand Pilsner an Italian Pilsner are more to your liking. In this episode we explore the nuances of this phenomenal style of beer. Joined by fellow Pilsner lovers Jamie Gentry and Hans Gorsuch we evaluate 10 US brewed pilsners in a blind tasting session. Guided by steward Ralph Wolfe, who moderates the contest, our 4 judge panel navigate through pilsners that include local, regional, and national offerings. In the final round we compare our favorites side by side and pick a winner. Come along and join us on this enjoyable yet challenging quest to find the perfect Pilsner.

Don’t forget you can find this episode and earlier ones on our podcast page, as well as Apple Music, Podbean, Spotify, Stitcher, and various other podcast apps. Just search for the All Things Beer podcast, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or a rating.

The Great Pilsner Taste Off

Beers Featured

  • Pils (Columbus Brewing Company)
  • Pool Party (Land Grant)
  • Golem Czech Pils (Gemut Biergarten)
  • Patent Pils (Edison Brewing Company)
  • Best Mate (North High)
  • Prima Pils (Victory)
  • Scrimshaw (North Coast Brewing)
  • Dry Hopped Pils (Perennial Artisan Ales)
  • Pilsener (Bayern Brewing)
  • Lager of the Lakes (Bell’s)

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