Flanders Red Blind Taste Test

One can make a good argument that the sour beers of Belgium—Flanders reds, oud bruins, lambics—are the most sophisticated expressions of what can be accomplished by fermenting grains. While Flanders reds and oud bruins lack the romantic allure of spontaneous fermentation used to produce lambics, they make up for it with a more substantial malt character and a curious combination of sweet and sour.

Brewing a Fruited Berliner Weisse

Among the scores of historic beer styles, Berliner Weisse has one of the more interesting back stories. Like many styles it was for many centuries largely confined to a specific place, the Prussian capital that later became the capital of Germany. Once lauded by Napoleon as the “Champagne of the North”, by the early 21st... Continue Reading →

Beer Glassware Illustrated

This post accompanies Episode 24 of the Pat’s Pints/Mark’s Mugs - All Things Beer Podcast. Despite our best efforts to describe the appearance of these glasses, a picture is worth a thousand words. As such the content here is limited to a series of pictures with brief descriptions of each glass. For more details we... Continue Reading →

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