Dear Slats – Questions & Advice on Beer

This section of the site is dedicated to reader questions.  There are a lot of people out there making bad decisions about the beer in their life and I want to help.  Just leave a comment to on this page and I’ll answer it or send an e-mail to

Beer Themed Gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas – The 2014 version of my Christmas list with everything from children’s books to beard oil to a craft beer cruise.

12 Days of Christmas Gifts for the Beer Lover in your Life – Looking to buy just the right gift for someone who loves beer (if you are reading this page this person is likely to be you)?  Here I put forward 12 great beer-centric gift ideas.

How do I pick up good beer at the store? – Some advice to move past buying the mediocre tasting beer with the cool label.

Finding your favorite craft beer – Looking for a good style and beer to get into craft beer?  This post has some tips to get you started.

Random advice on all things beer – Just what it sounds like.

3 thoughts on “Dear Slats – Questions & Advice on Beer

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  1. Better yet…find him a drinking buddy who can appreciate his hobby and is familiar with all the adjectives necessary to describe that disgusting smell and taste, put your feet open and crack open a blue moon.

  2. I really need your help! My husband is always making me smell and taste disgusting beer that I do not like. He knows what I like but he keeps pushing me to try gross beer. What do you think I should do?


    1. Disgusting beer? Don’t you think you are exaggerating a little. It sounds like your husband is trying to help you expand your horizons. Keep trying new things and I’m sure you won’t be sorry.

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