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This is a catch all section that explores the intersection of beer of other recreational pursuits.  Look for posts of great recipes involving beer, food-beer pairings, games based around beer, art involving beer, etc.  Expect to see a few reviews of concerts, music and movies where beer is at least a peripheral part of the story.  A list of posts in this section is given below.  Click on the title to be directed to the full post.

Crossword Puzzle #1, Craft Beer – This is the first in an ongoing series of crossword puzzles where (almost) all of the clues are about craft beer.  Download the puzzle and give it a try.

Crossword Puzzle #2, Ohio Craft Beers – This crossword puzzle focuses on Ohio beers and breweries. Download the puzzle and give it a try.

Crossword Puzzle #3, San Diego – This crossword puzzle focuses on beers and breweries from San Diego county. Download the puzzle and give it a try.

Crossword Puzzle #4, Columbus Ale Trail Going local this crossword puzzle covers all of the stops on the Columbus Ale Trail and then some. Download the puzzle and give it a try.

Dock Ellis Band’s #1 Fan – This is a review of a slightly surreal, but highly enjoyable, concert.

Belgian Golden Ale Bread Pudding – Possibly the best beer recipe I’ve made yet.  Impress your friends with this modern take on a centuries old dessert dish.

Baltic Porter Bacon Brownies – How many recipes do you know that combine dark chocolate, bacon and malty beer?  Here is one worth trying.

Cranberry-Lambic Sauce – A simple recipe that combines a beer (fruit lambic) and a food (cranberries) both known for tart, fruity flavors.

Orval French Onion Soup – This is a tasty recipe for French Onion soup, that pairs great with one of the stars of the beer world, Orval Trappist Ale.  It’s a bit of work to prepare but the payoff is worth it.

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    1. Thanks Andy. Using Obsidian Stout to make brownies or chocolate cake sounds both delicious and intiutive. Using a dark stout like Obsidian to make Apple Pie is not something that would have occurred to me.

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